About the Phodographer

I am a dog person.  Always have been.
I started working as a veterinarian's assistant while I was in high school in New York.

It was quite a challenge, working with all sizes and shapes of dogs (and cats), from mentally disturbed Chihuahuas (my hands still have scars) to laid back Great Danes and Dobermans. 

As an adjunct to the photography for my marketing communications, creative and photojournalism projects, I started taking dog portraits a decade ago, simply because dogs are so much darn fun to photograph! A number of folks who have seen my work with dogs told me I should go out for hire, 

so I did and the rest is as they say, history.

Examples of my early canine portraiture resulted in surprising success. Portraits of "Katy"– a superstar Welsh Corgi therapy dog who has worked with the disabled and the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings are now on permanent exhibition in a hospital/rehabilitation center in Massachusetts. 


Finding the right setting and getting a dog to pose is a fun and challenging process. I try to capture the personality and essence of a dogs true spirt, be it feisty, happy go lucky, regal or somber.

Fortunately, thanks to my veterinary training I have a way with most dogs, and know many of my subjects seem to really enjoy the process.  Some dogs even smile for the camera.

PhoDOGraphy Portraits make great gifts. Both candid and formal portraiture is offered. 
Sitting fees are very reasonable and all portraits are presented digitally, framed and on ga;llery wrapped canvas. 
Call 817.821.2861 for more information or to schedule a "sitting”.